30 January 2007

Welcome the Official Life is a Buffet

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, at last we can say that we have uploaded the official site of lifeisabuffet.co.za!

If you’ve been following this blog, we certainly hope you weren’t holding your breath in anticipation! This has been a ‘hobby’ exercise and is certainly not our day job (yet).

I must say it’s fascinating to see how the site has evolved. It seems to have taken a life of it’s own and is certainly very different today to what our original concept was. I guess that’s one of the secrets to development: get the idea, START something with it, and see where it takes you.

As with any infant, you’ll notice that this baby’s still got plenty of developing to do. We’ve had a lot of fun learning the ropes so far, and we still have so much learning to do.
Our vision is now bigger than it was when it was conceived and I’m convinced life is a buffet will be with us for many years and develop into a fully matured, wise old adult long before we do!

What’s Up?

No Membership Requirements

Previously we focused on the site as a membership one. This is no longer the case. Not to say that membership is not ever going to happen – we just feel it’s best to get our message out to as many as possible before we start bringing in membership criteria.


There are a couple of thought-provoking articles at life is a buffet. Really worth a read. The list of articles will be added to regularly and promises to be a healthy stop-in for those of us who acknowledge that in life there is always something new to learn.

Audio Books

One of our affiliations is with Hear2Read, an audio book store. We have hand-picked some of the more relevant books for you to select from. Take a look and see if there’s something there for you.

Inspiring Quotations

Dotted throughout the site are words of wisdom to jog you into thinking about who you are and what you could be grateful for. As life is a buffet grows, these quotations will become a section of their own.

Free e-book

A book that really has inspired our thinking, and which we turn to often – it’s right there for you on the home page. Why not grab it now?

Stay tuned to this blog – soon we’ll be informing you of what’s in the pipeline. Now that the ball has started rolling, we’re positive it won’t take too long before we can let you in on the next exciting chapter at life is a buffet! As we now firmly believe – all good things always happen In Time, On Time and In their Own Time.

Take care.