11 August 2006

Life is a Buffet - Help Your Self

Did you notice the deliberate mistake in the heading? By helping yourself to the opportunities and options life presents to you, you will be taking great steps to feed your body, mind and soul, and ultimately, Help your Self!

Choosing how one deals with the various hands life deals us has a HUGE impact on how we perceive our 'lot'. We have discovered that in every aspect of life, there are many options for dealing with them. Life really is a buffet. And your choice of what you take from it will determine whether you experience life as bitter or sweet.

So you see, it's not about the circumstances you find yourself in, it's about your attitude to dealing with these circumstances - are you going to be a victim, or are you going to dump the scraps and dish up what you choose to take from it?

At Life is a Buffet we are dedicated to encouraging and motivating each other to examine the array of choices we have in our individual circumstances - without judgement. Whatever these circumstances may be - mind, body or spirit; financial, relationships or health. Sometimes self help and self motivation requires a little 'nudge' from outside - just knowing you are not alone in whatever it is you are dealing with and that others are either in the same boat or have been there before, is all you need to spur you into action!

Our conclusions are that:

  • The first place to start with making a difference to your circumstances stares at you in the mirror every day - no-one will be as dedicated to your change as much as you.
  • How you perceive your self and your circumstances is based on your attitude, no matter how gloomy or dull things may appear at that time.
  • You do need others, particularly when going through a change. Emotional and moral encouragement and support, even if not from professionals, often helps you to see things from a different perspective.

You can change your circumstances whenever you decide to. Help Your Self - you'll find life is delicious when you take the time to examine, prioritise the really important things and make the decision to be grateful and enjoy where you are in life at this moment!


This blog is the starting point for the manifestation of a dream. Eventually we will be serving a much bigger community - helping our selves and simultaneously helping others. Watch this space...